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Frequently Asked Questions

What is neucor™?

A patented engineered wood-composite product model that can be adapted to various furniture and architectural interior uses as well as innovative exterior structural applications. Current products are for interior use, with exterior forms available next year.

Why neucor™?

Thicker neucor™ panels (> 0.75 in | 1.9 cm) are lightweight and strong, as well as moderately priced. Same attributes are available in commodity thicknesses with excellent utility, at a small premium.

Why now?

neucor™ is a natural product with exceptional attributes that benefit prime virgin forest environments for multiple use/watershed protection, forest health, and productivity. GHG sequestration is supportive of global warming concerns.


An experienced team will manage well-established engineered wood composite operations to produce neucor™ employing familiar processes. The facility is located in White Swan, Washington, formerly owned by a leading global company that has relocated its expanded operations to Louisiana.

Customer Support?

Our business model is customer-focused with a collaborative vision of supporting and developing innovative applications for and with our valued customers. neucor™ strives for continuous improvement through manufacturing technology, innovation and customer feedback.

Global Vision?

neucor™ seeks international licensee partners for manufacture and distribution in nine Asian and European countries that have awarded patents – New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Ireland, France, and Germany.